Starting Line: Where Do I Begin?

Starting up this blog hasn’t been easy for me. It took me several months  to figure out how to set this up. Twist and turns and pull-here pull-there  of different ideas had been the battle  – battle of what concept, content, and format to follow. It finally came down to a realization that I have to be who I was made to be.  I love music as well as writing so these could be the best choices for me to blog about. I also love to be devoted to God and this is an ongoing process. My heart that sought for direction led me to pursue passion. I hopefully would be able to tell stories behind all these here or there some time soon.

But let me go back to this question: How and where should we start? For most people I know and most instances in my life, where and how to get started could be difficult. Others might simply give this advice: Just simply start! But again, the questions of how, where,  and what if..? There comes our what if’s. Most of us find it hard to decide where and how. We worry about what could possibly happen right after we get started. We begin calculating risk and list our what if’s which shouldn’t be bad at all. Trouble is that sometimes, we tend to over-analyze and simply get dragged behind ending up not getting started at all or giving up in the middle of the process. Some of us just don’t know where to get started because we see so many priorities and needs. We get so consumed trying to figure out which should be the first step to take. Some of us couldn’t get started because of being blinded by the thinking that there are no available resources to begin with. We start worrying before we even get started. Some just simply jump into so many things all at once thinking to accomplish much but end up burned out and too less productive. Some get so impatient wanting to finish everything overnight. Been there. Done that. Let us all learn from these mistakes.

They say, “How you start is as important as how you finish” — whis is true. The journey from start to finish is also as important. This leads to a conclusion that we should be focused on every move we make because they too are important.

So where should we all begin? Just simply get started. Where? Start with the One where all things came to be. Start with the One who knows the beginning and the end; with the One who has been there from the very beginning and from the very beginning, GOD. He made new and made good things Out of nothingness and formlessness. He made heaven and earth out a vacuum shapeless space.  He made us into beings out of the dust. And he can form something great and unique out of each one of us if we allow Him to. From our own nothingness and formlessness, He can mold us into greatness to serve His purpose. How amazing it is to see Him calling out in us who he made us to be even when we have gone through many mistakes. He planned something good for us from long ago. It is time to rise and begin again. The past wouldn’t matter now.

So, yes, start with GOD and let Him lead us through what should follow.

How? Maybe start with a simple prayer, remembering Him in our thoughts, acknowledging Him in our steps, and building our dreams upon Him who can hold things up together. I am not going to be ashamed to say: Let me start with GOD.

And what if? What if we just simply start with God and let Him worry about our “what if’s”.

Maybe a simple praise song with a ukulele could be a good start. Join me in praise. Join me in this journey. Let us start right and finish strong– with God.  Hope you will enjoy and be blessed with this simple cover  song.

Genesis 1 :1-2 (NLV)  In the beginning God made from nothing the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was an empty waste and darkness was over the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was moving over the top of the waters.


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