it is like sunrise when you smile
and what makes you oh so surprised
your blood is pumped in a gush
your heartbeat resonates in a rush

and these shades of red are nothing new
but your face of red makes us not so blue

God must have placed a mystery
under your skin and in your veins
bashful roses and pearly cheeks
collide to make your eyes gleaming

and these shades of red are nothing new
but your face of red makes us not so blue

(C) Copyright 2012 Divino Rivera


Below Whisper

Adoration need not always to be loud. Praise need not always to be to full of words. Our worship need not always have to be audacious.

In the first place, God understands the deepest thoughts within us. Words would not even be enough to paint a picture of who God is.

He can hear our silence and can fathom the things our lips couldn’t utter.

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we are like lions roaring sweetly
feel our eyelids closing slowly
like the night with all else falling
falling like feathers gliding
and the heaviness inside
comes floating and blandly fading

there is beauty
in this thing called slumber
where noise isn’t existing
and our visions are just a sigh away
and distress is flying away
there is nothing else
that can take you farther
nothing, there is nothing

and if you wake up
in the middle of our journey
close your eyes again then look back to this quiet place
look back, pray and surrender
surrender to the bed of clouds under
floating and blandly fading

(c) Copyright 2012 Divino Rivera


please smile
don’t sleep on me now
i got an imaginary camera
i got you inside my head
can’t erase
can’t let go
you know

please stay
open your eyes
and look at you closely
and don’t pass by
like the rushing wind
let me catch
let me catch your eyes

focus and sit still
breathless i will be
it’s all i’m gonna be
flash and disappear
don’t you know
i can’t miss this


(C) Copyright 2012 Divino Rivera