Below Whisper

Adoration need not always to be loud. Praise need not always to be to full of words. Our worship need not always have to be audacious.

In the first place, God understands the deepest thoughts within us. Words would not even be enough to paint a picture of who God is.

He can hear our silence and can fathom the things our lips couldn’t utter.

I just don’t know how but all I know is that He is the One who best understands the complicatedness of our soulful silence; so much more the simplicity of our quietness. We sometimes find it hard to understand why some people are just so quiet. But God does understand silence.

There are times where we experience having a hard time expressing our thoughts to God. We become so concerned about what things we have to say to Him. We worry about how we could ever find words that could best describe who God is. May our wonderings truly reveal our heart’s sincere search of who God is and lead us knowing with awe.

But sometimes, we want to be loud on how we praise so people will know we are praising. And this loudness could rather lead us to bragging. We walk tall, proud and thunderous while knowing we are hiding dark secrets within the walls surrounding us. Our silence cannot even conceal our secrets from God. He knows fully even when we don’t speak.

Would you want to sing in silence sometimes? Would you want to just bow and kneel inside a locked room with just you and God and enter into His presence to be awed and be silenced by his overwhelming love? I just couldn’t explain how your heart can burst into songs while being silent and without singing a tune. Could you remember moments like these?

When we want to be loud in our praising, let it only come from a heart with its pure intent to bring glory to God alone. And when we turn silent, may God only notice how deeply we are in awe of Him. And when we give, let it be coming from hands that prefer to be hidden. And the good things we do for God in secret are the ones that will be rewarded. (Matthew 6:3-4)

And yes, sometimes, let there just be few words please. Let there be room for silence and awe. Ooops. I just said I just have to have a few words. Here’s a simple cover of a worship song I’ve rendered on acoustic instrumental. Hope you be blessed.

Selah and Shalom!

God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few. [Ecclesiastes 5:2]


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