Breathing out. Letting your lungs vent unreservedly through those cave-like hairy nostrils. Sometimes caused by stimuli or just a voluntary act to express an emotion being roused inside. Or maybe letting out a revolution that’s casketed deep within. Comes out in a burst and at times with grace. Sometimes shallow. Superficial. Deep. Long. Maybe seeking serenity. This fuss has to be hushed.

Exhalation needs to happen for the weary. The thwarted. The burdened. The frustrated  The disappointed. The disheartened. The relieved. The flattered. The placid. The losers. The saddened. The candid. The impatient. The secured. The unconcerned. The breath-taken.  It comes when seeing the sunset. The stars. The moonlight. The beach. The gleaming blue sky. And sure it happens when spotting lovers from the eyes of the dreamer. It does happen: exhalation.

Never are these breathing-in-and-outs hidden from God and He cares about what you’re going through.  You make them. God then hears them, counts them, and feels them.

Your sighs. No matter how heavy. No matter how silent.

“All my longings lie open before you, O Lord; my sighing is not hidden from you.” – Psalm 38:9



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