Years have passed with us waiting
Humming songs through the nights we were yearning
This sober melody won’t make us slumber
Until we find our hearts inclining for each other

Years have passed with us naive
Even when motionless those times seemed
Battling through our restlessness
Unaware we let our wounds make us through

If it were not for love
If it were not for pain
Our eyes may have been dimmed
By the friction of our colliding souls

Copyright 2012 Divino Rivera


Not That Far

All my mistakes and all my faults
Countless tragedies they have caused
All my delinquencies on display
My history back is gray
But I’d get up still
And rise again uphill

‘Cause I have a destiny
No, not that far
No time for alibis
No time for lullabies
I keep watch
I keep moving

copyright 2012 Divino Rivera