You’re Gifted | Let Your Head Be Lifted

divino rivera black n white“Every good and perfect gift is from the Father of heavenly lights who do not change like shifting shadows. ” -James 1″17

What was on God’s mind when He created you? Ah, gifts! And He didn’t have to go changing His mind upon giving you the gifts you have inside. He need not have to abort the gifts and even the dreams He had for you. God was very particular when he thought of what gift he would give you. He knew exactly what gift to adorn you. Each one has to be good at something.

For some, their gifts may already be blooming and for the others, still getting polished. And the rest, they are yet to be discovered. Like a buried treasure, we gotta dig deep for us to discover and bring out what wonder it could bring.

We don’t have to carry along with us self-pity thinking we are but lowly nothings. What a glory it is to see an underdog step into the limelight. What a marvel it is to witness somebody come from a humble beginning rise to success by exercising his gift. Once that gift is unleashed, many shall be astounded asking “where’d this come from?”.  Like David with his slingshot and Moses with his rod, these great men made it from small beginnings.

And there should not be a room of comparing ourselves with others. Let not our heads hang low and feel intimated. Nor feel conceited feeling better than others. You alone are magnificent at being you and so as the other magnificent at being him/ her.

The Father above has endowed each of us with greatness. And your gift is meant to be shared to the world so it can be a better place.

“When he ascended on high,  he took many captives  and gave gifts to his people.” – Ephesians 4:8


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