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Life After A Deathly Blow

“Unos” means storm . Its translation cannot be sugar-coated. It stands for what it means. How does this sound to somebody who suffered devastation from the calamity it brings? It’s a natural phenomenon but the pain it causes may be difficult to measure. It may be as difficult as knowing how to comfort and identify the deeper needs of those who have felt its rage. Its terror even lingers in its aftermath. Seeing a dark cloudy sky or a single raindrop may provoke a trauma. A child’s sniveling might mean more than hunger pangs. Many may have seemed betrayed by the sunny days’ promise of a bright tomorrow. Now it’s life after a deathly blow.

We are still trying to find ways to aid typhoon Haiyan survivors on top of what’s tangible. Join us in this endeavor as our relief operations continue and as rebuilding process takes longer. Your prayers and kindness are a worthwhile cause. And may the songs in this project somehow give us a glimpse of hope.  Buy music here and proceeds will be used for this cause.


Unos | Lyric Video

I wrote this song two years ago and kept it somewhere. On the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan, this was remembered and continued with the recording along with brokenness of heart. I believe it is timely for people to hear some sounds of hope.

Feel free to share. Translation anyone? Buy music here and give to Jesus Reigns Ministries relief and medical operations.

Divino Rivera – vocals, guitar
Anat Nevo – cello
Gur Magen – sound engineer on cello

The Faint and the Great

Biting are the days of trouble
Hearts crushed wild into rubble
Weakened we fray, wrestle and scruffle
No matter how, our worlds still crumble

I am the faint, You are the Great
I rise to wait, You are my fate
I am the meager, You are the Giver
And in tribulation, You remain my Savior

I am the dreamer, You are the victor
And I’m a drifter, You are the anchor
Wild storms rush, but You come to hush
Til I surrender, Your grace is lush

give to Typhoon Haiyan aid operations 

Copyight 2013 Divino Rivera