Grandfathered Dreams

Deciphering faded blueprints with intent gaze
Though stains and tears spell looming haze
But not even tampering nor trampling
Can expel my sheer hankering

Stubborn to tarry, forbearing to give up
If I cease to believe, what’s in this life to tug?
As wrinkles course through this weary brow
Will mark the courage plowed into this ground

Faith and hope at the end of the rope
Hold on still steadfast will
Only grandfathered, my dreams aren’t dead
They still come alive even in my bed

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23


Questions to Heaven

Wondering how this life can be
Cryptic and full of uncertainty
We solve problems with rocket science
Yet fail to understand why we’re here

Shooting questions up to heaven
Will I find answers from Thy falling stars
Will I keep wishing down this planet
When Thou say hello like a passing comet

Will I find Thee in this galaxy
But I’m way too small than this world can be
And I’m running far behind its orbit
‘Cause I’m stuck in this earth’s jamming traffic

Miracles and mysteries
Physics and tragedies
To lay quiet or dare question
Or just trust Thy heart when only heaven knows