Student Film Fest 2014

As an indie artist just starting to venture the music business, every exposure opportunity from a small or large scale is valuable. To seek after these opportunities sometimes can be difficult. I am grateful to have been offered a chance to get my music out to a certain group of audience.

A month ago, students from a nearby and prominent university, Saint Louis University, found me on the internet and asked me to be interviewed. And you don’t have to guess the initial reaction. I said yes with no hesitation. I was delighted to have known it was for a film fest for this year in their university. A poster and documentary/music video will be the entries featuring my singles “Unos” and “Strong” from my recent benefit EP.

Part of this project will be asking people to like and share the entry in Facebook. With this said, we are asking favor- a little like and a little share would be a lot of help for these students and for me as an indie artist. So please see below or simply click here and we would appreciate you adding count to the likes and shares. Thank you.


The Power of Embrace

Getting wrapped inside the arms as if saying that you are accepted – this is a place called embrace. Yes indeed, embrace is a place. It could be the narrowest yet the fondest. It sometimes won’t let you escape yet freeing. It could mean nothing at times but could never lose its worth. It pulls you in a place that feels safest – a place like home; a place like heaven.

Come to Me, oh Summer Skies

Ices shake my rigid spine
This bitter cold I can’t decline
Tightly shivering are these bones
Locked up bland in the freezer zones

Come to me, oh summer skies
I want to run free pulling kites
When you come please be mine
Never leave when I couldn’t shine

Come to me, oh sunny days
Longing for you like a holiday
Dying to flap these idle wings
As I hear the call of the whistling wind

I can only wait while seasons change
These moving clouds I can’t arrange
But I ask as I wish the end of winter
Will heaven be forever summer?