indie. singer-songwriter. poet.

Innocent and a newbie in the indie music seascape, singer-songwriter Divino Rivera goes out sailing bringing in earthly yet fresh stripped-down acoustic melodies blended with picturesque poetry. There’s sure indie heartiness in his songs coming somewhere folk-rock, adult contemporary, introspective, and inspirational. His contemporary and expressive vocals, escorted by soothing strings, could as if take you to a familiar place or so close to home. He himself inks down ingenious words and translates them to a compelling message, even with full or sparse production.

His previous years revolved around experimenting on sounds, songwriting, recording, playing at our local church and charity work. These have become a cycle of his life and he never have imagined the long journey all these took. From a pile of songs written, he aims to be able share them to he world. The past years were more of searching and anticipating as he eagerly went through an unorthodox process of writing and recording. Divino was just sure of this passion and work that kept progressing. He will keep writing for sure and it has been impelling for this young songwriter to be impregnated with songs awaiting for full birth. He also tries to keep his writing skill sharpened through crafting poetry.


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