Chapter One

Blank page, anxious pen
All night long from six to eleven
Head is dripping as a thousand words wind
Gushing through this dreamy mind

Where should I get to start?
What is the beginning part?
A dash, bullet or question mark?
My exclamations are igniting sparks

Empty canvas, empty space
Each palette awaits their own place
We are colors in our own ways
A motion picture our footprint paints







There is a Heartbeat

there’s a heartbeat in those keys you were playing
through these walls this lovesong is reverbing
as you were sitting by the old piano
purest of love sings at its echo
this familiar tune still feels so near
a nostalgia i hold so dear

there’s a heartbeat in the keys you were playing
the highs and lows valleying and peaking
through the battles we’ve fought
you’ve always thought
where trials are audacious
life remains more melodious


rhymes and reasons
lamentations and expressions
heart of hearts
sacred art
when lines fail
disguise the details

color and tone
words unsaid on the telephone
language of my weather
tongues on speechless paper
scenic and metaphorical
allegorical and whimsical

formed to impress
intended to digress
these fingers sculpting verses
with some touches and nuances
cuddle and mold like pottery
these ordinary days are but poetry.

Copyright 2015 Divino Rivera