The Power of Embrace

Getting wrapped inside the arms as if saying that you are accepted – this is a place called embrace. Yes indeed, embrace is a place. It could be the narrowest yet the fondest. It sometimes won’t let you escape yet freeing. It could mean nothing at times but could never lose its worth. It pulls you in a place that feels safest – a place like home; a place like heaven.


Frozen in Time (Young Again)

Can’t remember my age now
Unaware of the date now
‘Cause I’ve ceased counting
As history is repeating

Frozen in time, we are young again
And I lean locked up wallowing in your arms
Trapped in this moment called embrace
And we are left behind in this human race

Innocent again, we are young again
We are bold again, we’ll stop trains
To choose to settle in the middle of a riddle
And write poetry underneath the tree

When every heart longs to belong
And every heart longs for a home
When your heart aches to own
Put your arms around me solely