Chapter One

Blank page, anxious pen
All night long from six to eleven
Head is dripping as a thousand words wind
Gushing through this dreamy mind

Where should I get to start?
What is the beginning part?
A dash, bullet or question mark?
My exclamations are igniting sparks

Empty canvas, empty space
Each palette awaits their own place
We are colors in our own ways
A motion picture our footprint paints







There is a Heartbeat

there’s a heartbeat in those keys you were playing
through these walls this lovesong is reverbing
as you were sitting by the old piano
purest of love sings at its echo
this familiar tune still feels so near
a nostalgia i hold so dear

there’s a heartbeat in the keys you were playing
the highs and lows valleying and peaking
through the battles we’ve fought
you’ve always thought
where trials are audacious
life remains more melodious

Life is a Puzzle

Life is a puzzle
You wonder and dazzle
To the grave from cradle
Trapped in a maze we journey and wrestle

Life is full of questions
Questions more than convictions
Will I ever solve this mystery?
Gathering up pieces from an allegory

Life is an enigma
Lines and scripts or some iffy drama
I’ve gotta ask God what these all mean
Or shall we just wake up from this awry dream?

Copyright 2015 Divino Rivera


There are roads not worth traveling
There are races not worth running
When everything seems meaningless
May I only choose what matters most

There are moments not worth lingering
There are bygones not worth remembering
When everything seems meaningless
May I only choose to move forward to tomorrow

There are dreams not worth chasing
There are risks not worth taking
When everything seems meaningless
May I only live for what I was made for

There are wars not worth waging
There are words not worth saying
And if I choose to fight
May I only fight for what’s worth fighting for

There are pains not worth keeping
And there are joys worth pursuing
And if there is a joy to pursue
May it be the joy of being with You

Copyright 2014 Divino Rivera

Questions to Heaven

Wondering how this life can be
Cryptic and full of uncertainty
We solve problems with rocket science
Yet fail to understand why we’re here

Shooting questions up to heaven
Will I find answers from Thy falling stars
Will I keep wishing down this planet
When Thou say hello like a passing comet

Will I find Thee in this galaxy
But I’m way too small than this world can be
And I’m running far behind its orbit
‘Cause I’m stuck in this earth’s jamming traffic

Miracles and mysteries
Physics and tragedies
To lay quiet or dare question
Or just trust Thy heart when only heaven knows