By your side on a green and grassy
Tall old trees under a sky cloudy
Unmoved by time as it goes slowly
Sudden tears and raindrops fell as if stormy

By your side down a tender shade
Sang you a song with a familiar tune laid
It felt like home and won’t let your heart fade
‘Cause here with you memories are made

Copyright 2015 Divino Rivera




Your Voice is a Lovesong

Reveal to me that lovesong you’re humming
I can’t figure out but a familiar melody
As it echoes the thousand words it is painting
Oh, it brings me back to sanity

Whisper to me that lovesong you’re humming
How could it leave me sighing
As it floods over me relentlessly
With peace divine and heavenly

Is there a lovesong left for my awakening?
For my placid days long and slow
As this heart dies for some meaning
It rhythms fast longing for you home

Copyright 2014 Divino Rivera