Black and Gray

Color blue is yellow and green
Lookin’ for you somewhere in between
Hues are true when eyes are keen
Nothin’ to undo, we are kings and queens

Who you are, just plainly be
As beautiful as you in simplicity
Your greatness rests in your humanness
God must have etched your blessedness

Your rainbows burst even in black and gray
Lucid like the sun of a picturesque noonday
With that smile oh so down-to-earth
Did you know planets rejoiced on your day of birth


Copyright 2015 Divino Rivera


Sunset Sighs

Deep breath, long sigh
The sunset repaints the color of sky
This is what your heart longs for
A scenic view or a metaphor

Wipe off some noise of a hectic day
By a placid beach and music of waves
Just this moment the sun seems shy
But leaves a beauty as seabirds fly

End of day and birth of night
Darkness and light ramble to collide
Say goodnight to unforsaking scars
Let your heart give way to the stars.

copyright 2015 divino rivera

Losing Faith, Losing Sight

Losing faith is losing sight
Do we back down and give up the fight
Crawl facedown afraid of heights
Disrupt your wings and cancel all your flight

Losing faith is losing sight
The light is bright but it seems days are nights
Daunted and never stirred by all this plight
Deny your might and cry “my oh my”

Tornado winds are harsh but not for long
Get down to the ground ’cause your knees are strong
Mountains quake but your heart they can’t take
Heaven and earth watch so courage you can’t fake

Copyright 2014 Divino Rivera


Wake me up, O heavenly peace
And catch the sun’s morning kiss
Past the moon’s evening breeze
And make up for yesterday I’ve missed

The night is over
Yet my eyes still surrender
The night is over
Arise, daydreamer

And what would it take to be alive
When all along sleep is a disguise
Should I set my reveries aside
And wake me up with a heavenly surprise

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