There is a Heartbeat

there’s a heartbeat in those keys you were playing
through these walls this lovesong is reverbing
as you were sitting by the old piano
purest of love sings at its echo
this familiar tune still feels so near
a nostalgia i hold so dear

there’s a heartbeat in the keys you were playing
the highs and lows valleying and peaking
through the battles we’ve fought
you’ve always thought
where trials are audacious
life remains more melodious



Caught up in this sound
This sound where my heart is found
Beating inside this love all around
Lost in your song where I am forever bound

Caught up in this sound
This sound where all noises drown
Breathing inside this melody
Your music calls and pulls me to your symphony

Copyright 2015 Divino Rivera

Beyond Melody

How easy at times to be singing songs
And write profound words that makes me look like I’m strong
But then all along I could all be wrong
And see I am but human after all

So I’ll sing not because I can
And write songs not just because of who I am
It never was all about me
But all about the One
Whose unfailing grace resounds beyond melody

Not at all this strength to boast
It’s not how I can tune out this melancholy
Oh how it breaks me
When my weakness is wrapped in God’s mercy

Beyond the melody
Beyond this poetry
Beyond faults and folly
His love is upholding me

Copyright 2014 Divino Rivera

Metaphors of a Restless Heart

Pleased to share my song “Metaphors of a Restless Heart”. It was first crafted as a poem and later on turned to a song. Poetry in music and music in poetry and some metaphors in between. The wonder of these three together speaks so well to a soul. See lyric video below and let me know what you think. See links at bottom to buy music.

I’m a ship lost at sea
Blown by the wind aimlessly
By the racing waves and tides
I’m worn and wry
No shore in sight
No place to hide

I’m a house broken down
My cracks are deep
From roof to ground
I’m wishing for a chance
To fix my messy leaks
I’m hurting much
And yet I’m getting numb

I need Jesus, I need Jesus
I need Jesus, oh Jesus

I’m a forgotten truck
Stuck in a rut
None alive but stains and dust
Stifled by these grimes and stubborn rust
On busted wheels
Oh, I’m crippled still

I’m a paper plane in a hurricane
Flew too high
In my last flight out
In the haste came down crashing in disdain
And ended up melting in the rain

All this time, my world relied
On fleeting wealth and alibis
And all just now my reveries subside
And all the fragments of my shattered heart
Is all that’s left I’m pricked picking up
Who can make me well? Who can make well?
In those days gone by
Even then and now

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