There are roads not worth traveling
There are races not worth running
When everything seems meaningless
May I only choose what matters most

There are moments not worth lingering
There are bygones not worth remembering
When everything seems meaningless
May I only choose to move forward to tomorrow

There are dreams not worth chasing
There are risks not worth taking
When everything seems meaningless
May I only live for what I was made for

There are wars not worth waging
There are words not worth saying
And if I choose to fight
May I only fight for what’s worth fighting for

There are pains not worth keeping
And there are joys worth pursuing
And if there is a joy to pursue
May it be the joy of being with You

Copyright 2014 Divino Rivera


Father Time

Not at all can we escape
Our father time we try to chase
Won’t fast forward when we’re bored
Not slowing down when we’re getting old

Fear rises when mother earth trembles
Shaking knees give up and fumble
Only the brave-hearted will withstand
Wise enough to make a story grand

Memories spoor joy and scars
Bodies break down and even cars
When father time passes us by
Ready your heart to get by or say goodbye


Questions to Heaven

Wondering how this life can be
Cryptic and full of uncertainty
We solve problems with rocket science
Yet fail to understand why we’re here

Shooting questions up to heaven
Will I find answers from Thy falling stars
Will I keep wishing down this planet
When Thou say hello like a passing comet

Will I find Thee in this galaxy
But I’m way too small than this world can be
And I’m running far behind its orbit
‘Cause I’m stuck in this earth’s jamming traffic

Miracles and mysteries
Physics and tragedies
To lay quiet or dare question
Or just trust Thy heart when only heaven knows

Metaphors of a Restless Heart

Pleased to share my song “Metaphors of a Restless Heart”. It was first crafted as a poem and later on turned to a song. Poetry in music and music in poetry and some metaphors in between. The wonder of these three together speaks so well to a soul. See lyric video below and let me know what you think. See links at bottom to buy music.

I’m a ship lost at sea
Blown by the wind aimlessly
By the racing waves and tides
I’m worn and wry
No shore in sight
No place to hide

I’m a house broken down
My cracks are deep
From roof to ground
I’m wishing for a chance
To fix my messy leaks
I’m hurting much
And yet I’m getting numb

I need Jesus, I need Jesus
I need Jesus, oh Jesus

I’m a forgotten truck
Stuck in a rut
None alive but stains and dust
Stifled by these grimes and stubborn rust
On busted wheels
Oh, I’m crippled still

I’m a paper plane in a hurricane
Flew too high
In my last flight out
In the haste came down crashing in disdain
And ended up melting in the rain

All this time, my world relied
On fleeting wealth and alibis
And all just now my reveries subside
And all the fragments of my shattered heart
Is all that’s left I’m pricked picking up
Who can make me well? Who can make well?
In those days gone by
Even then and now

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Frozen in Time (Young Again)

Can’t remember my age now
Unaware of the date now
‘Cause I’ve ceased counting
As history is repeating

Frozen in time, we are young again
And I lean locked up wallowing in your arms
Trapped in this moment called embrace
And we are left behind in this human race

Innocent again, we are young again
We are bold again, we’ll stop trains
To choose to settle in the middle of a riddle
And write poetry underneath the tree

When every heart longs to belong
And every heart longs for a home
When your heart aches to own
Put your arms around me solely

Anthem of a New Beginning

There’s a new beginning in you
Springing up like a morning dew
Unceasing more than a thousand chances
We live our dances as our faith advances

As our old folks gleefully sing
This anthem of a new beginning
With the young and everyone in between
Age wouldn’t matter when we all march in

Gazing fireworks like raining stars
Wipe these fears to make them scarce
Our memories behold all that’s old
But we look up to see newness unfold
PS- Is it too late to greet everyone a happy new year?


it is like sunrise when you smile
and what makes you oh so surprised
your blood is pumped in a gush
your heartbeat resonates in a rush

and these shades of red are nothing new
but your face of red makes us not so blue

God must have placed a mystery
under your skin and in your veins
bashful roses and pearly cheeks
collide to make your eyes gleaming

and these shades of red are nothing new
but your face of red makes us not so blue

(C) Copyright 2012 Divino Rivera