Broken Song

beating but a broken sound
rattling and mumbling words
confessions more than melancholy
sorrows and plain regrets
all i am a wretched king,
begging for indispensable mercy
committed crime beyond remedy

i reckon i’m a man of war
brave enough to face my foes
but I.. I cringe in fear
to lose the One I hold so dear
i admit i dread all consequence
dismissive now is my eloquence
in the light of You there’s no pretense

the mess i made
this guilt I bear
conquered kingdoms but grace i can’t buy
desperation is the currency
i need You so in this misery
nothing i can give
but a broken heart singing a broken song

Copyright 2015 Divino Rivera



rhymes and reasons
lamentations and expressions
heart of hearts
sacred art
when lines fail
disguise the details

color and tone
words unsaid on the telephone
language of my weather
tongues on speechless paper
scenic and metaphorical
allegorical and whimsical

formed to impress
intended to digress
these fingers sculpting verses
with some touches and nuances
cuddle and mold like pottery
these ordinary days are but poetry.

Copyright 2015 Divino Rivera

Losing Faith, Losing Sight

Losing faith is losing sight
Do we back down and give up the fight
Crawl facedown afraid of heights
Disrupt your wings and cancel all your flight

Losing faith is losing sight
The light is bright but it seems days are nights
Daunted and never stirred by all this plight
Deny your might and cry “my oh my”

Tornado winds are harsh but not for long
Get down to the ground ’cause your knees are strong
Mountains quake but your heart they can’t take
Heaven and earth watch so courage you can’t fake

Copyright 2014 Divino Rivera

Father Time

Not at all can we escape
Our father time we try to chase
Won’t fast forward when we’re bored
Not slowing down when we’re getting old

Fear rises when mother earth trembles
Shaking knees give up and fumble
Only the brave-hearted will withstand
Wise enough to make a story grand

Memories spoor joy and scars
Bodies break down and even cars
When father time passes us by
Ready your heart to get by or say goodbye


Grandfathered Dreams

Deciphering faded blueprints with intent gaze
Though stains and tears spell looming haze
But not even tampering nor trampling
Can expel my sheer hankering

Stubborn to tarry, forbearing to give up
If I cease to believe, what’s in this life to tug?
As wrinkles course through this weary brow
Will mark the courage plowed into this ground

Faith and hope at the end of the rope
Hold on still steadfast will
Only grandfathered, my dreams aren’t dead
They still come alive even in my bed

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23


we are like lions roaring sweetly
feel our eyelids closing slowly
like the night with all else falling
falling like feathers gliding
and the heaviness inside
comes floating and blandly fading

there is beauty
in this thing called slumber
where noise isn’t existing
and our visions are just a sigh away
and distress is flying away
there is nothing else
that can take you farther
nothing, there is nothing

and if you wake up
in the middle of our journey
close your eyes again then look back to this quiet place
look back, pray and surrender
surrender to the bed of clouds under
floating and blandly fading

(c) Copyright 2012 Divino Rivera